My Trick For Testing Ads

Vanessa Michel

Email & Social Media Strategist

Don’t believe the people that say running Facebook or Instagram ads requires a huge budget and a lengthy testing period. For small businesses, there is a very easy method to test your ads and to choose the most optimal one for the best results!

Steps To Find The Perfect Ad

Test Creatives

Create 3 ads with similar copy and the exact same audience and placement. The only difference between each ad is that they should have different creatives (photos/videos). Budget for $1/day (yes, that’s really it). Run the ads for 3 days.

Test Audiences

Choose the best performing ad from your creative test. Now, create 3 ads with the only difference being the audience. Test for 3 days with a budget of $1 per day. Choose the best 1 or 2 ads and slowly begin to scale them (add $1-3 per day to the budget). As they slowly gain traction you can scale them more! This VERY simple process has been effective for myself and clients time and time again. It is crucial that you test your ads!

Important Note

If you are advertising to a cold audience (aka they have likely never seen your business in their life), it is important to realize that you may not immediately make sales. You can count sales from cold audiences as a unicorn! They are rare! This is a whole different blog post but, essentially, you will advertise to a cold audience then retarget to a lukewarm (didn’t visit your site but interacted with your ad) or a warm audience (the people that visited your site from the cold audience). That is where the ROI and magic happen!!

I Can Do It For You

If you don't have the time to run your ads or don't quite understand, I can help! Check out monthly packages, a DIY strategy call, and my add-ons!